Sitemap - 2023 - Impertinent

Magical Briefings

OKRs vs. NCTs

The Coming Era of LLM-Agnosticism

The One Rule When Automation Makes Sense

Custom GPTs: Generative AI Wrappers

Zapier Wants to be Your No-code One-stop Shop

Generative AI - Who's Going to Pay?

There's a Bot for That

We Still Don't Get It: Prompts are Requirements, Not Queries

ChatGPT: The Copilot Without a Plane

Generative AI: New Cost Center for Software Companies

AI-first Engineering: Simply Better Code

No-Code Addiction: Professional Cul-de-Sac?

Shanties on the Railroad Tracks

No-Code-AI: The Coming Science of Amazing Solutions

Deterministic AI

Software-defined Automation: Obsolete

No-Code Market Correction?

Airtable: Financial Dumpster Fire

No-Code Solution Defects: 88%?

Email: Delete It All (part three)

Substack: No-Code Platform?

Where is the Brain of Your No-Code Solution?

Airtable Support Go Bye-Bye

My No-Code Apps Keep Failing

Make, Zapier: Bubble?

Live AI Matters

Email: Delete it All (part two)

Generative AI Readiness for Low-Code and Low-Ops

Performative Work

Email: Delete it All

Tesla Shapeshifters

HTML: More Relevant Than Ever

Just-in-Time Fine-Tuning

Will AI Replace Me?

We [Apparently] Fear Opaque AI

AI and Education: Lean Into It

Dig Here

AI at Scale

Airplane [Cabin] Mode

Understanding Conversations

Embeddings: Beyond Data Similarities

The Meg

I Was Right...

Where My Intellect Began

Amazon AppFabric: Tearing Down the No-code Integration Moat

I Was A Judge

Embeddings: The Powerhouse of AI Solutions

A New Era for AI and Google Workspace

No-Code GPT Plugins?

Smart Documents

The Person I Miss Most

AI Will Save the World

AI Serving in Unsuspecting Roles

Google's AI Sleeper - Responsible AI

I'm A Prompt Engineer, But Isn't Everyone?


AI Truth Whisperer

Automated AI-based Briefings

AI-First Attitude Adjustment


AI Chat: Antithesis of Productivity?

Google's PaLM 2 Reads the Web Live

Searching Diagrams: How Can Google's PaLM 2 AI Help?

Content Science: It's a Thing

Big Data, Small Prompt

The Enterprise Pricing Carrot

PREDICTION: AI Will Trigger an Explosion of New Software Developers

When your AI Announcement should Have Leaned on your AI Feature

Airtable's Apparent AI Fumble and How to Overcome It

A Straight Line: Humans to Answers

Data Interpretation with AI

OpenAI and Your Privacy

Another CoPilot: GrammarlyGO

You Must Ask

Kevin Costner on a Horse

Conversational Continuity for Chatbots


Embeddings and Cosine Similarity

The Missing Dot in Source Code Has a New Companion; the Missing Predicate



George Washingtons or Benjamin Franklins?

Internal Social Media: I'm Doing it All Wrong

Safe Harbors for Deep Thought

Your PDFs are Suddenly Magical Through AI

Tags are So Done

WebGPU: Sleeper, But a Big Deal

Why is Coda Attractive?

Snipity-Do: A GPT CoPilot for Script Examination

Join me on Notes

Inference-Based Automation

GPT Doesn’t Get Airtable - Here’s Why

AI Copilots Everywhere; GPT's Trillion Dollar Economy

Cannoli or Cake?

AI: Discovering Dupe Similarities is Just the Beginning

AI-assisted Personal Knowledge Management

Tasking in Bets

The Knee-jerk of Everything AI

Google Apps Script -> Tana

Coda -> Tana via Tana Paste

The Attention Economy is Racing Toward a Recession


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